Planting for the future

Oris began working with Coral Restoration FoundationTM in 2014 as part of its mission to bring Change for the Better.

Every second counts

The name Carysfort is taken from the iconic Carysfort Reef, a coral reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary near Key Largo, Florida. Over the last 40 to 50 years, the reef has been severely degraded and coral populations in the Keys have declined by around 98 percent. But all is not lost. So far, the foundation has returned nearly 25,000 corals to the reef through its outplanting programmes, a figure that will rise to at least 30,000 by the end of 2020.

Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition

The Carysfort Reef Limited Edition has a GMT function and is made to celebrate the 30'000 corals planted to date by Coral Restoration FoundationTM in Florida, with the ongoing support of Oris.